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Innovative Partnerships Program Office Technologies
Featured Technologies


Demiseable Reaction Wheel AssemblyDemiseable Reaction Wheel Assembly — This reaction wheel assembly is designed to melt of burn up (demise) upon re-entry to Earth’s atmosphere, making it ideal for low-Earth-orbit missions that require uncontrolled re-entry (re-entry in which the spacecraft is designed to demise).

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Computer Software

Adaptive Sensor FleetAdaptive Sensor Fleet — Researchers at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center have developed the Adaptive Sensor Fleet (ASF)—a software architecture that allows remote-controlled platforms, such as boats, aircraft, rovers, satellites, or other vehicles or hardware, to work collaboratively in support of a single scientific goal. ASF is ideal for oceanographic and planetary research; search-and-rescue operations; and military, mining, and security missions.

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Data Processing/Analysis

Hilbert-Huang Transform TechnologyHilbert-Huang Transform Technology (HHT) — The HHT is a highly efficient and accurate data analysis tool that provides full energy-frequency-time distribution of data, identifies very local events of abrupt frequency changes, and portrays energy-frequency more precisely than traditional methods.

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Electromechanical Devices

Miniature Pump ActuatorMiniature Pump Actuator — This small, lightweight, low-power actuator technology can make highly precise adjustments. As a result, the actuator can serve as a flow or pressure sensor (probe), can precisely move a fluid (pump), or provide other capabilities for a wide range of applications.

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Submicron-Sized TipsSubmicron-Sized Tips — This method for producing arrays of pointed structures or cones can be used in a wide variety of electronic and mechanical equipment applications. It is a low-cost, simple method that yields a template containing large numbers of cones that are uniform in size and equally spaced. This template then can be easily coated with metals or semiconductors to tailor the mechanical and electrical properties of the tip.

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Manufacturing Equipment

Computer-Controlled Power ToolComputer-Controlled Power Tool — This new computer-controlled power tool can be used to turn a drill bit, wrench socket, screwdriver, or other tool bit clockwise or counterclockwise at a precisely controlled speed, torque, or number of turns.

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Mechanical Technologies

Complaint Cable MechanismCompliant Cable Mechanism — Compliant mechanisms provide customized structural response and mitigate shock and vibration damage in applications as diverse as medical devices, industrial and recreation equipment, and ergonomic designs.

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NanoCompass Provides New Capabilities in Magnetometry and Strain SensingNanoCompass Provides New Capabilities in Magnetometry and Strain Sensing — This lightweight, low-power magnetometer is based on a single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) network. Called the “NanoCompass,” the sensor’s dimensions are intrinsically nanoscale, allowing for new capabilities in magnetometry.

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Optics and Photonics

Aluminum super polishing processAluminum Super Polishing Process — This technology uses diamond turning and polishing with a special compound to achieve a smooth surface—down to 5 angstroms—on an all-aluminum mirror. Mirrors fabricated using this process are lighter, less expensive, and more thermally stable than aluminum mirrors plated with electroless nickel.

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Sensor and Detector Technologies

Biologically Inspired Sensor Webs and Other SystemsBiologically Inspired Sensor Webs and Other Systems — These space-program technologies are designed to increase the functionality of sensor webs and other autonomous and autonomic (self-directing and self-managing) systems. Inspired by biological systems, Such communication improvements enable real-time monitoring, rapid alerting, and automatic quiescence (self-sleep/standby) and apoptosis (self-destruction) in a wide range of applications involving large, complex systems.

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Subassemblies and Components

Absolute Cartesian Sensor TechnologiesAbsolute Cartesian Sensor Technologies — This Absolute Cartesian Encoder and Cartesian Electronic Absolute Autocollimator provide a dual-axis optical encoder and autocollimator with near-perfect orthogonality, stability, and high accuracy.

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Telecommunications and Internet

Compact Low-Loss Planar Magic-TCompact Low-Loss Planar Magic-T — This new compact low-loss planar Magic-T boosts signal receptivity for improved measurements by microwave and millimeter-wave antenna networks. The invention reduces signal loss, improves broadband response, and offers simplified integration. The Magic-T is also less expensive than other methods to produce and maintains good in-band performance.

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Test and Measurement

Active, Solid-state, 3-Dimensional Range Imaging SystemActive, Solid-state, 3-Dimensional Range Imaging System — This active, solid-state, 3-dimensional (3-D) range imaging system is available for use in numerous applications where 3-D information in image form is required for study, digital manipulation, and monitoring.

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