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Innovative Partnerships Program Goddard Space Flight Center
Goddard Space Flight Center Patent Portfolio

Technologies Available for License

GSFC Case no. Technology Title- click for more info U.S. Patent  no.
GSC-13486 Method for Coding Low Entropy Data 5,448,642
GSC-13541 Double-Driven Shield Capacitive Type Proximity Sensor 5,442,347
GSC-13564 Capaciflector Camera 5,373,245
GSC-13614 Capaciflector-Guided Mechanisms 5,539,292
GSC-13644 Optical Fiber Cable Chemical Stripping Fixture 5,451,294
GSC-13802 3-D Sprag In Ratcheting Tool 6,584,874
GSC-13817-1 Empirical Mode Decomposition Method And Hilbert Spectral Analysis Algorithms 5,983,162
GSC-13817-2 Computer Implemented Empirical Mode Decomposition Method Apparatus and Article of Manufacture Utilizing Curvature Extrema 6,631,325
GSC-13817-3 Empirical Mode Decomposition Apparatus, Method, and Article Of Manufacture for Analyzing Biological Signals and Performing Curve Fitting 6,381,559
GSC-13817-4 Empirical Mode Decomposition for Analyzing Acoustical Signals 6,862,558
GSC-13817-5 Empirical Mode Decomposition Apparatus, Method and Article of Manufacture for Analyzing Biological Signals and Performing Curve Fitting 6,738,734
GSC-13869 Apparatus and Method for a Light Direction Sensor 7,924,415
GSC-13874-1 Adhesive Bubble Removal Technique and Fixture for Fiber Optic Applications 6,287,404
GSC-13874-2 Adhesive Bubble Removal Method And Apparatus For Fiber Applications 6,936,122
GSC-13880 Computer Implemented Method And Apparatus For Autonomous Position Determination Using Magnetic Field Data 6,114,995
GSC-13905 1-Way Bearing 6,640,949
GSC-13909 Computer Implemented Empirical Mode Decomposition Method, Apparatus, and Article Of Manufacture For Two-Dimensional Signals 6,311,130
GSC-13913 Sol-Gel Processing To Form Doped Sol-Gel Monoliths Inside Hollow Core Optical Fiber And Sol-Gel Hollow Core Devices Made Thereby 6,445,861
GSC-13991 Global Positioning System Satellite Selection Method 6,278,404
GSC-13991 Spaceborne Global Positioning System for Spacecraft 6,211,822
GSC-14064 Fiber Optic Connector Polishing Fixture Assembly 6,648,522
GSC-14147 High Quality Optically Polished Aluminum Mirror and Process for Producing 6,966,820
GSC-14207 Gear Bearings 6,626,792
GSC-14213 Estimated Spectrum Adaptive Postfilter (ESAP) and the Iterative Prepost Filtering Algorithms 6,760,487
GSC-14240 Methods and Systems for Collecting Data from Multiple Fields Of View 6,479,808
GSC-14302 Three Dimensional Empirical Mode Decomposition Analysis Apparatus and Method and Article Manufacture 6,782,124
GSC-14305 Method for Implementation of Recursive Hierarchical Segmentation on Parallel Computers 6,895,115
GSC-14330 Method and Apparatus for Two-Dimensional Absolute Optical Encoding 6,765,195
GSC-14339 3-D Interactive Display 6,847,354
GSC-14389 System and Method for Deriving A Process-Based Specification 7,543,274
GSC-14393 Light Weight Optical Mirrors Formed In Single Crystal Substrate 7,145,739
GSC-14409 Fail-Over File Transfer Process 6,963,993
GSC-14413 Thrust Rollers 7,255,483
GSC-14435 Method of Manufacturing Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) 6,740,224
GSC-14436 Minimum Cycle Slip Airborne Differential Carrier Phase GPS Antenna 6,844,856
GSC-14480 Gear Bearings 7,762,155
GSC-14525 Passive Gas-Gap Heat Switch for Adiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator 6,959,554
GSC-14561 Screw-Locking Wrench 7,207,245
GSC-14562 Stepping Flexures 7,504,921
GSC-14601 Method for Manufacturing High Quality Carbon Nanotubes 7,008,605
GSC-14603 Anti-Backlash Gear-Bearings 7,544,146
GSC-14608 Computing Frequency By Using Generalized Zero-Crossing Applied To Intrinsic Mode Functions 6,990,436
GSC-14616 Three Dimensional Imaging LiDAR 7,248,342
GSC-14633 Method and Apparatus for Optical Encoding with Compressible Imaging 7,060,968
GSC-14657 Evolvable Synthetic Neural System 7,512,568
GSC-14666 Systems and Method for Determining Spacecraft Orientation 6,775,600
GSC-14673 Computing Instantaneous Frequency By Normalizing Hilbert Transform 6,901,353
GSC-14762 Reconfigurable Structure 7,769,488
GSC-14777 Schottky Barrier Diode and Method Thereof 7,341,932
GSC-14793 Radiation Hardened Fast Acquisition Weak Signal Tracking System and Method 7,548,199
GSC-14833 Systems and Method of Analyzing Vibrations and Identifying Failure Signatures in the Vibrations 7,346,461
GSC-14845 Demiseable Momentum Exchange System 7,290,737
GSC-14871 Method of Forming Pointed Structures 7,935,297
GSC-14879 Hybrid Diversity Method Utilizing Adaptive Diversity Function for Recovering Unknown Aberrations in an Optical System 7,635,832
GSC-14907 Analyzing Nonstationary Financial Time Series Via Hilbert-Huang Transform (HHT) 7,464,006
GSC-14941 Systems, Methods and Apparatus for Implementation of Formal Specifications Derived from Informal Requirements 7,739,671
GSC-14942 Systems, Methods and Apparatus for Verification of Knowledge-Based Systems 7,752,608
GSC-14952 Conformal Gripping Device 7,513,546
GSC-14960 Conduit Purging Device and Method 7,992,760
GSC-14968 Swarm Autonomic Agents with Self-Destruct Capability 7,925,600
GSC-14968 System and Method for Managing Autonomous Entities Through Apoptosis 7,627,538
GSC-14979 Modular Gear Bearings 7,601,091
GSC-14994 A Split-Remerge Method for Eliminating Processing Window Artifacts in Recursive Hierarchical Segmentation 7,697,759
GSC-15001 Apparatus and Method for a Light Direction Sensor 7,924,415
GSC-15002-1 Method and Associated Apparatus for Capturing, Servicing and De-Orbiting Earth Satellites Using Robotics 7,240,879
GSC-15002-2 Method and Associated Apparatus for Capturing, Servicing and De-Orbiting Earth Satellites Using Robotics 7,513,459
GSC-15002-3 Method and Associated Apparatus for Capturing, Servicing and De-Orbiting Earth Satellites Using Robotics 7,293,743
GSC-15002-4 Method and Associated Apparatus for Capturing, Servicing and De-Orbiting Earth Satellites Using Robotics 7,438,264
GSC-15002-5 Method and Associated Apparatus for Capturing, Servicing and De-Orbiting Earth Satellites Using Robotics 7,513,460
GSC-15027-1 Interferometric Polarization Control 7,412,175
GSC-15027-2 Interferometric Polarization Control 7,609,978
GSC-15030 Optical Source and Apparatus for Remote Sensing 7,907,333
GSC-15038 System and Method of Self-Properties for an Autonomous and Autonomic Computer Environment 7,765,171
GSC-15039 Miniaturized Double Latching Solenoid Valve 7,762,523
GSC-15042 Device System and Method for a Sensing Electrical Circuit 7,290,737
GSC-15055 Polarization-Preserving Waveguide Filter and Transformer 7,746,190
GSC-15079 System, Methods and Apparatus for Generation and Verification of Policies in Autonomic Computing Systems 7,886,273
GSC-15080 Systems, Methods and Apparatus for Pattern Matching in Procedure Development and Verification 7,979,848
GSC-15115 Device System and Method for Miniaturized Radiation Spectrometer 7,465,926
GSC-15148 Systems, Methods and Apparatus for Automata Learning in Generation of Scenario-Based Requirements in System Development 7,668,796
GSC-15176 Systems, Methods and Apparatus for Quiescence of Autonomic Systems 7,899,760
GSC-15177 A Method for Developing And Maintaining Evolving Systems with Software Product Lines 8,082,538
GSC-15178 Modeling, Specifying and Deploying Policies in Autonomous and Autonomic Systems Using Urgent Agent-Oriented Software 7,992,134
GSC-15179 Systems, Methods and Apparatus for Autonomic Safety Devices 7,904,396
GSC-15184 Three-Dimensional Range Imaging Apparatus And Method 7,978,312
GSC-15206 Otoacoustic Protection In Biologically-Inspired Systems 8,041,655
GSC-15302 Flash Drive Memory Apparatus and Method 7,673,089
GSC-15337 Advanced Adhesive Bond Shape Tailoring for Large Composite Primary Structures Subjected to Cryogenic and Ambient Loading Environments 7,811,406
GSC-15341 Systems, Methods and Apparatus of a Low Conductance Silicon Micro-Leak for Mass Spectrometer Inlet 7,922,920
GSC-15349 Multiple Frequency Optical Mixer and Demultiplexer and Apparatus for Remote Sensing 7,830,527
GSC-15353 A Compact Magic-T Using Microstop-Slotline Transitions 7,830,224
GSC-15357 Stability Algorithm for Neural Entities (SANE) 8,041,661
GSC-15416 Directed Flux Motor 7,999,427
GSC-15417 Joint Assembly 7,999,427
GSC-15419-1 Walk and Roll Robot 8,030,873
GSC-15421 Spring Joints with Overstrain Sensor 7,968,812
GSC-15431 A Two-Axis Direct Fluid Shear Stress Sensors 7,921,731
GSC-15445 Improved Time Delay and Distance Measurement 7,982,861
GSC-15483 A method and Apparatus for Relative Navigation Using Reflected GPS Signals 7,817,087
GSC-15552 High Field Superconducting Magnets 7,924,126
GSC-15583 System and Method for Tuning and Adjusting the Central Frequency of a Laser while Maintaining Frequency Stabilization to an External Reference 7,970,025
GSC-15732 Crossed Small Deflection Energy Analyzer (SDEA) for Wind / Temperature Spectrometer (WTS) 8,093,565
GSC-15758 Hybrid Architecture Active Wavefront Sensing and Control 8,044,332
GSC-15771 High Precision Electric Gate for Time-of-Flight Ion Mass Spectrometers 8,035,081

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