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Wavefront Sensing Technology Portfolio

Can You See It Now?

How do you bring technologies for the James Webb Space Telescope, exploration of Mars and the search for extrasolar planets, down to Earth? Put them in everyday products to benefit us Earthlings!

The NASA Goddard Flight Center, creator of marvelous and advanced optical technologies, is keenly focused on transferring its advanced wave front sensing, and related optical processing technologies, to the private sector. In 2011, that commitment has risen to a new level – the Can You See It Now? Campaign.

Beginning in May, with the CLEO conference, continuing thru August with SPIE Optics & Photonics 2011, and cumulating with Industry Day at Goddard in October, NASA will be introducing it’s entire suite of advanced wavefront sensing technologies, procedures, and lab equipment to private industry. This unprecedented campaign has just one focus – enable firms to dig thru NASA’s treasure chest of innovative technologies to find ways to create exciting new products for consumers and industry.


The portfolios of synergistic, complementary adaptive optic technologies for a host of industrial, commercial, defense and science applications are available for license from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Under Space Act agreements, leading Goddard engineers can support technology adaptation and product integration for a host of commercial and government applications.

See below for just a few of the potential market applications that these technologies address.

Technologies Available for License

For information on technologies available for creating solutions using adaptive optics and related optical technologies in variety of applications, please see the following technologies:

Wavefront Detection Algorithms
NTR Technology Title Ocular Imaging Metrology Advanced Cameras Laser Communications Astronomy
14879 Iterative-Transform Phase-Retrieval Utilizing Adaptive Diversity x x
14899 Broadband Phase-Retrieval For Image-Based Wavefront Sensing x x x
14900 Filter Function For Wavefront Sensing & Control Over An Extended Field Of View x x x x x
15208 Direct Solve Image Based Wavefront Sensing x x x x
15464 PseudoDiversity - Direct Wavefront Control and Image Restoration at High Bandwidth x x x x x
15693 Variable Sampling Mapping: A novel supplement to iterative-transform phase retrieval algorithms for undersampled images, broadband illumination, and noisy detection environments x x x x x

System Operating Software
NTR Technology Title Ocular Imaging Metrology Advanced Cameras Laser Communications Astronomy
14725 Wavefront Sensing and Optical Control Software x x x x x
14982 Alignment Insensitive Active Control-of-Curvature Wavefront Sensing and Control Architecture x x
15758 Hybrid Architecture Active WFS x
16195 Null Diversity for Coronagraphy x x
16196 Software Suite for Modeling and Simulation of Shaped External Occulters x x x

Lenses, Gratings, Mirrors & Masks
NTR Technology Title Ocular Imaging Metrology Advanced Cameras Laser Communications Astronomy
14901 Fixed Lens Wavefront Sensing x x x x
15679 Adaptable gratings with wavefront transformation functionality x
15675 Objective Lens Simultaneously Optimized for Pupil Ghosting x
15680 Focusing diffraction gratings element with advanced aberration control and wavefront transformation properties x x
16008 Phase controlled magnetic mirror for wavefront correction x x x x
16143 Simultaneous Amplitude and Wavefront Control with MEMS Deformable Mirror and Spatial Filter Array x x x x
16162 Imaging System Aperture Masks for Image Plane Exit Pupil Characterization x x x x

System Design Simulation & Testing Tools
NTR Technology Title Ocular Imaging Metrology Advanced Cameras Laser Communications Astronomy
15138 Matlab-OSLO Toolkit x x x x x
15151 Matlab-Zemax Toolkit x x x x x
15399 James Webb Space Telescope(JWST)Wavefront Sensing Software x x x x
15567 Wavefront Control and Optimization Toolbox x x x x x
15676 Computer Generated Hologram System for Wavefront Measurement System Calibration x x x x x
15926 Wavefront Sensing Analysis of Grazing Incidence Optical Systems x
16164 Null Control Breadboard x x

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